A.S.S.V. Esprit

A.S.S.V. Esprit is the fencing club for students in Amsterdam. We are a diverse group of student fencers who find a great atmosphere just as important as intensive training. Why not join us to see what fencing is about?

Never fenced before?

Not to worry! We give a nine week introduction course in which you learn the basics of the sport and its three weapons. More information on the introduction course can be found on the website of the University Sports Center (the USC).

Want to train?

We train on Monday and Friday evenings in the USC at Amsterdam Science Park. We have group- and individual lessons. You can put your new skills into practice while fencing against eachother. The Monday training is from 19:00 till 20:30 under guidance of Daniel Nivard. He is also the one that provides the introduction course, which takes place from 20:30 untill 22:00 . The Friday training is under the guidance of Christian Jelders. This training takes from 20:00 till 22:00 . Prior to this training, there will be an extra high intensity interval training. This is accessible to all fencers and is great to build your overall fitness. These will take place from 19:30 till 20:00 and are also provided by Christian Jelders.

Who teaches?

Our maître d'escrime is Daniel Nivard, who has many years of experience within the fencing world. The Monday trainings and the introduction course are under his guidence. Next to his work training upcoming talent for the Royal Dutch Fencing Association, Daniel Nivard also runs the company DNCoaching, to promote fencing to as many people as possible. Christian Jelders provides the Friday trainings and the HIIT trainings.

Is there more?

Certainly! The club provides members with the possibility to participate in a variety of activities. Fencing related activities such as national and international fencing tournaments at a wide range of levels are often seen as highlights within the year. Social events are also organised by the club, ranging from lasergaming to parties, allowing members to interact without stabbing each other.

What are the costs?

Memberships fees for the club are €30 for a full academic year or €15 for half a year. Please note however that this excludes the membership fee for sporting at the USC (the sports center). Should you fence for more than six months, you will be asked to become a member of the Royal Dutch Fencing Association (KNAS). More information regarding KNAS-membership and relevant fees can be found here.

How do you join?

If you wish to join A.S.S.V. Esprit, fill in this registration form, and it will be processed by the board as soon as possible. You can start right away! The registration form will contain all the information you need to become a member of A.S.S.V. Esprit!

Who's on the board?

The current board of A.S.S.V. Esprit consists of Eveline van den Bergh (chairman), Sijmen Rijks (treasurer) and Yeelen Terleth (secretary). They keep A.S.S.V. Esprit running, from arranging tournaments to maintaining fencing gear for members. They are supported in their tasks by the reparation-committee and the social-committee - both important committees!

Questions? Feel free to contact: info@assvesprit.nl

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